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A national opinion research firm is conducting a $100.00 2-Hour Paid Focus Group (Encuesta de Opinion) with people of Hispanic background on the topic of Healthcare Services.

For this study we are looking for opinions from Hispanic/Latino Males and Females Ages 30-80, and the group sessions are done in Spanish.

We are conducting this study on behalf of a national healthcare organization, which is looking for opinions from Hispanic consumers about urgent care and emergency management services available in Spanish which they are looking to launch next year in the Greater Houston area. 

Participants will receive $100.00 paid immediately at the end of this 2-hour opinion study held Galleria Area (just off of the Southwest Freeway and I-610) west of Downtown Houston. Free Parking is provided.

We have the following afternoon & night times available:

Monday December 11th / 5:00PM-7:00PM
Monday December 11th / 7:00PM-9:00PM

If interested, please respond to the very brief 2-minute multiple choice sign-up questions and we will contact you promptly if you qualify.
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